We are scrap recycling professionals who are especially engaged in the trade of ferrous & non-ferrous and plastics scrap commodities as well as all recyclable metals, including – but not limited to – precious metals bearing residues

We are a trading house that is powered by enthusiastic, young and yet highly competent individuals who have gained massive experience out in the field and can boast a deep technical knowledge of the global scrap market. We know our scrap like the back of our hand because we never miss out on a chance to tour our suppliers’ and customers’ recycling plants across the world. 

We are a team of dedicated professionals led by a forward-thinking, future-driven, tech-savvy and technical-minded director and founder – Mr. Luigino Menegatti. He is well-acquainted with and very knowledgeable about the scrap recycling market and all recycling technologies available; he is also fully aware of the challenges, the risks and amazing potential peculiar to this market. It did not take him long to realise what immense resources the USA – the land of opportunity – has to offer in terms of recycling. Combine this with Mr. Menegatti’s burning desire to expand his professional and personal horizons, and you have the perfect recipe for a successful enterprise. Menegatti Steel, Inc. was incorporated in the USA in 2015. And so began a story of ambition, dreams and achievements.

Mr. Menegatti has also been working in his family’s waste recycling and metals recovery plant in Northern ItalyGeneration 3.0 Srl – for over 20 years, in spite of him not having hit his 40’s yet! He has been managing Generation 3.0 Srl as technical director, sales & purchasing engineer since 2016.

You can trust Menegatti Steel, Inc. to have a deep knowledge and understanding of all the financial and technical aspects of the scrap commodity recycling market on a global scale. Our company is ready to take on the challenges posed by an ever-evolving, fiercely competitive business and stands as an anchor for all your scrap metal and plastics commodity recycling or procurement needs.


Luigino Menegatti

Luigino Menegatti

General Manager

Vanessa Dal Molin

Vanessa Dal Molin

Sales & Admin Department

Generation 3.0 SRL

Generation 3.0 SRL

Recycling Plant - Italy

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